about us

We are open term time only on the following days:

Monday from 9.15 am to 12.15/2.15 pm
Wednesday from 9.15 am to 12.15/2.15 pm
Friday from 9.15 am to 12.15/2.15 pm.

Children can just stay for the morning session until 12:15am or bring a pack lunch and stay until 2:15pm. Parents find this is a good way to introduce children to eating in a group and prepares them for school-life.  

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our aims

Our aim is to allow the children to have as many experiences as possible in order that they become confident and independent learners.

Everything we aim for is achieved through play and fun activities and not through formal learning i.e. there is no point in forcing a child to write their name when perhaps they have not got the strength to hold a pencil correctly. We are able to give them the opportunity to strengthen their hands through play i.e. playing with play dough.

It is up to us to provide the right resources for the children to develop in all seven areas.

These areas are:

1) Personal, Social and Emotional Development
2) Physical Development
3) Communication, Language
4) Literacy
5) Understanding the World
6) Mathematics
7) Expressive Art and Design

Through well planned play the children will learn while having fun and experiencing new challenges. In play they can be loud, physical and boisterous. They can be expressive whist exploring the world around them or be quiet, listening and reflecting as they play.

why play is important

Helps social development; sharing and taking turns etc…
Helps physical development
Helps development in imagination/creativity
Helps intellectual or cognitive development; concentration development
Helps emotional development; play out fears and anxieties
Helps making learning fun, they enjoy it, motivates
Helps develop independences skills
Experiment, practice and perfect skills, consolidates learning
Practice adult roles
Opportunity to make mistakes
Develops balanced individuals

transition in school life

As pre-school is a child’s first step towards formal learning we encourage children in the following ways to ease their transition into school life:

1.Take turns and sharing.
2.To join in with rhyming and rhythmic activities.
3. Linking some sounds to a letter.
4. Enjoying books.
5. Enjoy mark making i.e. drawing, painting.
6. Practising counting.
7. Sorting and matching.
8. Dress and undress. (As you can appreciate useful when they start P.E lessons at primary school.)

If some of the above are not in place which is dependant on stage of development then as long as the child is happy and confident then the rest fall into place easier.

what we ask from parents

· To support and help with fundraising – all revenue from fundraising goes straight
to the pre-school to provide new and interesting equipment for your children.
· To be on the management committee if possible
· Support the staff as an occasional parent helper

By being a part of our pre-school it helps you to gain a greater understanding of your child’s needs and improves parental understanding of the Foundation Stage and a broader knowledge of your child’s development. We encourage parents to take an active part and to see first hand what happens day to day at pre-school. Most of all, children love sharing their experience of pre-school with their parents. Your support is greatly valued and appreciated.